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We need your help. If you are interested in volunteering you can review the committee list below or contact Kayla Hawkins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Sherry’s Run Volunteer Committee Breakdown

ONGOING COMMITTEES- Now through September 10, 2016

Board of Directors:

Tonyia Watson, Tiffy Clemons, Gary Whitaker, Scott Jasper, Terresia Williams, Ann Bridges-Wright, Dana Jones, Matthew Whitaker, Tammye Whitaker, Jane Hay, Mike Johnson, David Liddle, Robert Huttchson, Ashlee Chance, Corrie Cluck, Alisa VanDyke and Alisa Eakes.

Event Logistics

Chair: Scott Jasper/Robert Huttchson
Works on all aspects of course, layout, materials needed, oversees set up and take down. Obtain approval from city and work with police

Marketing Team

Chair: Alisa Van Dyke, Director
Develops stories for media, announcements, and all correspondents. Works with video production and photographer. Secure site locations, tents and items needed for event

Sponsor Liaison

Chair: Sherry's Run Executive Board of Directors
Work with existing and new sponsors. Help with companies providing teams

Volunteer Committee

Chair: Kayla Hawkins 
Helps recruit volunteers for kick off and race day events

Information Systems

Chair: Ann Bridges-Wright
Inputs all information received from participates, calculates, prints reports and supplies information to registration on event day. 

Volunteer Breakdown

Chair: Matthew Whitaker
Breakdown and clean up after event. Coordinate with all committee chairs for break down of their location

Opening Ceremony

Chair: Board of Directors
Coordinates, announces, and prepares opening remarks, and race day announcements

Event Day Registration

Chair: Terresia Williams
Works with volunteer committee chair. Check all pre registered and event day registration. Breakdown and organize all items used for registration to prepare for storage


Chair: Lisa Painter 
Coordinate and set up food and refreshment tables at the tent. Clean up area and breakdown

Finish Line & Timing

Chair: Scott Jasper
Members: Besttimescct (Memphis, TN)
Assist timing company with electricity, information and support.

Awards Ceremony

Chair: Scott Jasper
Members: Dana Jones & Becky Taylor
Arrange and distribute awards.

Course Marshalls and Water Stations

Set up mile markers and direct runners and walkers along route. Collect all mile markers and clean up any area necessary.
Arrange for water station locations


Chair: Jeff Hallums & Matthew Whitaker
Auction all live auctions off and coordinates with auction committee chairs

Live & Silent Auctions

Chair: Tammye & Gary Whitaker
Collect, organizes, displays auction items, oversees and collects all monies for items sold. Makes sure all purchased items gets to their new owners. Balances and reports to Board. Cleans up and prepares all remaining items for storage


Chair: Ashlee Chance & Mallory Maxwell
Works with prospective teams and promotes the team portion of the event


Chair: Brad Anderson
Coordinates parking facility and oversees trolley. Checks all parking areas for cleanliness


Chair: Bess Anne Warren
Photographs event and communicates with board

Race Day Communication

Chair: Mac Griffin & Hugh Bennett
Supplies sound equipment, entertainment and announcements. Assist with sound for opening and award ceremonies