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Sherry's Run Saddened By Balloon Release Cancellation


One of the most special elements of the annual Sherry’s Run 5K Run/Walk event is the
balloon release. Participants at the event attach the names of their loved ones who have
fought or are still fighting cancer and, often tearfully, watch as those names float upward
in a beautiful tribute. Many of these names have been found in other states and can be very
emotional for the family members of those found.
Recently, Sherry’s Run was contacted by an organization in Florida called Balloons
Blow to inform them that releasing more than 25 balloons is illegal in the state of
Tennessee. Of course, Sherry’s Run has never been aware of this law and, as a
Christian organization, would never knowingly violate the law. Upon being informed of
this information, the Sherry’s Run board and staff immediately contacted state and local
officials. While working around the clock to make the event a success, our small staff
also took time to research the law and other options for honoring loved ones at the
“After much prayer and consideration, the board and staff has decided it would be best
for us to cancel the balloon release for this year’s event,” says Tonyia Stockton, Board
Chair for Sherry’s Run. “We are saddened, as we know this means so much to so many
of our supporters, but we are thankful to know that this community stands behind
Sherry’s Run, even when change is necessary.”
For those who are disappointed by this news, Sherry’s Run does have plans for an
alternative activity to honor our loved ones. “Though it will be difficult to match the
meaning of the balloon release, we do believe this special surprise will be meaningful
and fun,” says Alisa Van Dyke, Sherry’s Run Marketing Director.
“Sherry’s Run has been frustrated and disappointed by the harassment and maligning
behavior from the Balloons Blow organization’s supporters. Though we understand that
their cause is very important to them, they have shown disrespect to our patients and supporters,
whom we love very much,” says Stockton. “They have unfortunately taken away
valuable time that should have been spent serving our patients and preparing this event
for our supporters.”
Since 2004, the Wilson County community has shown overwhelming support for
Sherry’s Run and the patients that we serve. Help us make the thirteenth annual Sherry’s
Run 5K Run/Walk event the best one yet! It’s scheduled for Saturday, September 10, 2016 at
8:00 a.m. at 623 West Main Street in Lebanon. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Click here to sign up.
Your support allows us to assist cancer patients 52 weeks a year with gas, groceries,
utility bills, housing payments, prescription assistance, health insurance premiums,
medical bills, and colonoscopy assistance.



Each year we provide balloons in Sherry's Run signature lime green for each of our particpants to attach a card with the name of a loved one that they are walking/running in honor or in memory of at our event.  When the race starts, over 4,000 balloons are released.  As the runners and walkers make their way balloon release 800x533around the course, the balloons drift off to parts unknown.  This page is provided for whoever finds the balloons to share where they are found and who's name is listed on the attached card.  Our participants are always anxious and curious to see if their balloon is found and how far it traveled. 

If you ever released a balloon at our event, thank you for participating and check back often to see if yours if found.                                       

If you found a balloon in previous years, thank you for taking the time to share with us! 



2015 Sherry's Run Balloon Sightings 

  1. H.T. Yates, Sr. - Cookeville, TN - 9/12/15 - 10:29am: This morning , my brother and I started in on a remodel on my home. While we were on the ladders, a balloon landed on my roof. The string got itself caught on the corner of the tin roofing. I climbed up to get it down an the balloon busted. Attached was a card asking to contact this web sight if discovered. We both were amazed that the balloon made it from Lebanon, here to Cookeville! That's a good 45 min drive from my home to Lebanon, all down the mountain from here. At 1st I was just going to discard it an give it no more thought. But my Brother John said go on an e-mail y'all & let you know how far it at made it.. Our father passed away 18yrs ago from Pancreatic cancer. He died 6 months to the day he was diagnosed with it at Vanderbilt. It was too far advanced to treat & Dad resigned himself to his death. It was a devastating way to suffer an watching him die that way was the hardest thing I have had to endure since Viet Nam. I read about your organization here on the site. I want to say thank you for all you do for the patient & families who are enduring the same devastation as my family had 18 yrs ago. God bless y'all. 
    Updated from original message: There was a name on the card. However, due to the rains yesterday an the dew/fog this morning, it was smudged so bad we could not make it out. The best guess was the first name, and it was Betty we believe. The last name was undistinguishable. Thanks again for all you do for the people in dire need with their disease an the family care you provide.  Have a wonderful Sunday and Bless your organization. 
  2. Chuck Martin - Cookeville, TN - 9/12/15 - 11:45am: Was getting ready to mow yard Saturday absolutely beautiful weather, well as I was making my rounds about 11:45 this string come falling from the sky, pretty cool. so I picked it up and read the card on it and it had Barbra Christians name on it how cool is that. me and my daughter have sent many balloons in the air with notes on them and never gotten any reply's, so right then I called the number on the card.. the balloon fell at Burgess School Rd in Cookeville Tn. Amazing how far the balloon traveled in such a short amount of time....almost 50 miles.
  3. Helen Maynor - Bolt, WV - 9/12/15 - 5:32pm:  Hi my name is Helen Maynor from Wv and this evening I was walking out to get into my vehicle and 2 cards on a deflated balloon drop right in front of me..On the cards was the names Barney Burton,and Gale Hodge.I have never had anything like this just fall from the sky and was amazed with it. Was these balloons let go from Tennessee or somewhere local? Thanks.                                                                              Updated from original message: I am located in Bolt wv...I just think this awesome to receive this all the way from Tennessee.
  4. Mike Cox - Williamsburg, KY - 9/13/15 - 1:45pm: Found the Ballon on my Grandmother's farm in Williamsburg, Kentucky on Sunday, 09/13/2015 about 1:45 PM. The balloon was busted but the Sherry's run card was attached. Participants were walking or running for Kris Engle and Savannah Swandel.
  5. Marianne - Cookeville, TN - 9/13/15 - 9:26pm: My husband and I went for a walk on 9/13/15 late afternoon. We take a daily walk around our neighborhood here in Cookeville,TN. When we were walking around the parking lot of Prescott elementary school, my husband saw something in the grass. He leaned over to pick up a piece of paper that was attached to a string with a popped balloon! He gave me the piece of paper to hold on to, so that when we got back home, I could look up the website & contact you. The card had this information on it: Sherry's Run walking for Lillian Stiegler. May God continue to bless your endeavors to reach out to those who have cancer. God Bless!
  6. Ronald A Bernhardt - Baxter, TN - 9/13/15: I found SISTER'S balloon tag in the street Sunday 9/13 running for Sheri Patchen. 7 miles south of I 40 on Window Cliff Drive Baxter Tn. GOD bless you both.
  7. Vin - Baxter, TN - 9/15/15 - 10:13pm: green balloon tag was found in Baxter, TN for Ethel Gorday, & Jan Wagner.
  8. Trudy Brewster - Onieda, TN - 9/16/15 - 2:39pm: As I walked around my farm pond today I found a ribbon with bits of a green balloon and attached card with the name Juanita Johnson, survivor, printed on it. I live in Oneida Tennessee and I'm also a cancer survivor.
  9. Frank & Connie - 11 miles outside of Montery, TN - 9/20/15 - 4:21pm: found your balloon at my house.
  10. Kenneth Morse - Lebanon, TN - 9/21/15: Found a balloon and card in a pasture on my farm on Chicken Rd in Lebanon, TN on 9/21/15. The name on the card possibly says Helen Milcor.  Hope this find brightens someones day. A thank you to all at Sherry's Run for the work you do in the fight against cancer in the hope that someday soon this dreadful disease will be a thing of the past.
  11. Kathia - Oneida, TN - 9/28/15 - 11:31am: I found a balloon in my yard with the name Amanda Petty Ray.
  12. Sandy Davis - Jamestown, TN - 10/15/15 - 1:56pm: We live in Jamestown TN and found a popped ballon with card attached in one ofour pine trees.  It has kellie Whited name on it.
  13. Heather Marshall - Sparta, TN - 11/8/15 - 4:38pm: I found a green balloon with a card attached with the dedication to "Eddie Poe".  I found it in my yard in Sparta, TN. 
  14. Ray Hodge - Clarkrange, TN - 11/27/15 - 10:23am: I found the balloon in my field on 11/27/15 Clarkrange, TN.  The name on the card is Whit Robertson.
  15. Craig - Pioneer, TN - 12/7/15 - 3:55pm: I was walking on my property in Pioneer, TN and noticed a piece of green balloon and two cards in some blueberry bushes.  The names on the cards were Whartin Family, William Davis, Sr. and William Davis, Jr.