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Sherry’s Run Honors Pete Taylor

LEBANON, TENN. – September 4, 2014 – Pete and Megan Taylor seem like your typical newlywed couple. The two are college sweethearts who married shortly after graduation in 2012. They had just bought their first home and were beginning their new life together when Pete started acting unusually lethargic. Pete had been an athlete and a very active, healthy person his whole life. Megan knew something was not right. 

In December of 2012, at the age of 25, Pete was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Shortly following his diagnosis, he began an intense 30 day round of chemotherapy at Sarah Cannon. The young couple spent their first Christmas together in the hospital. On New Years Eve, Pete was able to come home and a few days later he was given a great report that he was in remission and would only need maintenance chemo going forward. It seemed like 2013 was going to be a great new start for this couple, but their battle was not quite over. In February, Pete was hospitalized again for ten days. Though they spent their first Valentine’s Day in the hospital, Megan was thankful that they were together. 

Throughout this battle, Pete was completely unable to work and Megan took several weeks of leave in order to be with him. The couple moved in with Megan’s parents so that they could assist her in caring for Pete. Many friends and family contacted Sherry’s Run on the couple’s behalf and they were so relieved when a Sherry’s Run representative contacted them to offer assistance. 

“When Sherry’s Run began helping us, it made a world of difference,” says Megan. “Because of them, we were able to keep our house. Sherry’s Run helps people live as normal a lifestyle as possible while fighting the greatest battle of their life.” 

“Within our community there are a lot of big hearts that want to make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer,” says Tonyia Watson, Director of Patient Assistance. “Sherry’s Run connects the community to those in need.  Without the community support we would be unable to assist families like the Taylors.” 

Pete is continuing maintenance chemo, but is in remission and doing well.  Because of his illness and the amazing care he received, Pete made the decision to go back to school and become a nurse. He is scheduled to graduate from nursing school and complete his chemo treatments at the same time in 2016.

In the meantime, Pete and Megan are doing everything they can to give back to Sherry’s Run. “Team Pete” was formed in 2013 by friends, family and coworkers of the Taylors. They are participating in the Sherry’s Run 5K Run/Walk again this year. “We will always be a part of Sherry’s Run!” says Megan. 

The Taylors used the battle they were fighting as an opportunity to share their faith with others. “God had a divine plan,” says Megan. “This journey put so much in perspective for us and taught us to completely trust God. He allowed us to meet so many wonderful people through this journey, especially those at Sherry’s Run.” Megan and Pete continue to share the Sherry’s Run story with those they meet.

You have an opportunity to be a part of that story that is changing lives.  Come join us as we make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer right here in our community. The eleventh annual Sherry’s Run is scheduled forSaturday, September 13, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. at 623 West Main Street in Lebanon.  Mark your calendar and make a commitment to join us. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Log on to to sign up. 

Your support allows us to assist cancer patients 52 weeks a year with gas, groceries, utility bills, housing payments, prescription assistance, health insurance premiums, medical bills, and colonoscopy assistance. 

To learn more about Sherry’s Run, please call 615-925-2592. To refer someone who might qualify for assistance, please call 615-925-9932 or visit 

Corrie Cluck

Faith, courage, optimism and a desire to help others were qualities that defined Sharon “Sherry” Patterson Whitaker. Both before and after the energetic wife and mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, the impression she made on her family, friends and community was undeniable. While her battle in the flesh was lost in 2004, the spirit she had shown throughout life continues to touch more lives every day. Because of Sherry’s Run, a 5K run/walk benefit organized in Sherry’s memory, area cancer victims and their families can make strides toward becoming cancer survivors, and researchers are a small step closer to stopping the disease for good.