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Sherry’s Run Offers Support Group

Hearing the news that you or a loved one has cancer is devastating.  It can bring an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and a feeling that you are alone, that no one could understand what you’re facing.

Sherry’s Run, a local non-profit committed to assisting those who are fighting cancer, wants to help. The organization offers a monthly support group for patients living with cancer and their caregivers. The group, which meets at the Gibbs Educational Center, was created to connect those who are fighting cancer with others facing similar journeys and to provide an encouraging environment. “You have to have someone to talk to who is going through the same thing. We did not know what to do. It was so nice to come to the group and listen to others, to ask questions, and to share. There is no better place,” says Diane Palmer, an attendee who was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2019.

Avalon Healthcare has partnered with Sherry’s Run to sponsor the support group since its beginning in 2018. Debbie Glover, executive hospice care consultant for Avalon, knows how important it is for cancer patients to have an understanding support system. “We wanted to provide a casual, safe place for people to talk. It is so important for these patients and their families to have someone who is going through the same thing. We have all become close friends and look forward to meeting and encouraging one another each month.”

The group recently celebrated its second anniversary with a special party, and many of the patients who attended have been a part of the group since its beginning. They want you to know that you are welcome if you need support. “The support group has been the best kept secret of Sherry’s Run, but we want to spread the word that it is here and FREE for anyone who is affected by cancer and needs hope. It is a wonderful time of friendship and encouragement,” says Jane Hay, executive board member for Sherry’s Run.

Stephanie Elliott, a social worker for Avalon Healthcare, facilitates the discussion and lets the group determine the topics of discussion. “The members determine the need. Whatever they want to share, we discuss. Having people who have a commonality makes you realize you are not alone. The discussions are real; they share fears, victories, and encouragement. This group provides these patients with a wonderful support system.”        

If you would like more information about the Sherry’s Run monthly support group, or if you or someone you know is undergoing cancer treatment and in need of assistance, please call 615-925-9932 or email

Sherry’s Run is a non-profit organization that works throughout the year to provide hope to those battling cancer in our community by offering emotional encouragement and financial assistance with everyday needs. In addition, Sherry’s Run works to spread colon health awareness by distributing colon cancer screening tests and providing colonoscopy assistance. To learn more, please call 615-925-2592 or email To make an online donation to Sherry’s Run, click here or mail donations to Sherry’s Run, P.O. Box 8, Lebanon, TN 37088.