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Sherry's Run Balloon Release Touchdowns Prompt Responses

SHERRY’S RUN BALLOON RELEASE TOUCHDOWNS PROMPT RESPONSES LEBANON, TENN. – - November 20, 2008 – - Besides providing a beautiful ceremony, the more than 1,000 Sherry’s Run balloons released at the September 13 event created interest from individuals more than 150 miles away from Wilson County. Each balloon was tied with a card for a special remembrance and tribute or in honor of someone who faced the depths of cancer. When found, the card suggested visiting the Sherry’s Run website and communicating where the balloons were found. The following are some of the responses sent: David wrote, “I found this card when I was mowing a field in Monroe Co, Ky. I had my wife to look up the website and I was wondering where the balloon was released from. Looking forward to your response! Keep up the good work!” Donna wrote, “Hi, I wanted to let you know that we found your balloon with the card attached on our farm in Summer Shade, Ky! I am glad to see you had a wonderful turnout at your race! Congrats!” Nancy wrote, “Today is September the 15th of 2008. My husband and I were cutting tobacco and we found your ballons with a card. The woman’s name on it was Joyce Morgan. We live in Adair County, Kentucky. We just wanted to write and let you know that we found them and that we thought it was really awesome. Thank you for doing something like a walk for these people with this unfortunate disease, thank you for letting us get the opportunity to find the balloons. Keep up the good work. Eddie wrote, “Baloon/card was found in Tompkinsville, Ky by Sammie Deckard. The name on the car was for Jendie Beele, I think.” Melissa wrote, “Balloon and card were found in my fathers hay field in Gamaliel, Kentucky on 9/16/08. Bart, Jerri, and Thomas wrote, “Congratulations on the money raised. I like the balloon release; it’s an awesome way to let people know what you are doing. This balloon was found in our yard in Tompkinsville, KY. 9-21-08.” MacShane wrote, “I found your balloon and your message on my farm in Tompkinsville, KY. I just wanted to let you know. 9-19-08.” The mission of the 5K Run/Walk is to benefit the research & treatment of cancer, with emphasis on colon cancer. Sherry’s Run ( is a 501 (c) (3) organization. It was started in memory of Sharon “Sherry” Patterson Whitaker who died at the age of 44 from colon cancer. Donations are tax deductible and can be made online. Funds received from the event serve also to help those locally who suffer with cancer. For more information on Sherry’s Run, please call 615-975-1081 or 615-218-8810 or visit online.