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Gina Hunt Inspires Others With Help From Sherry’s Run


With her first grandchild on the way, Gina Hunt was excited. Family meant everything to Gina. She would soon find out that this sweet girl would also be a great source of hope and motivation for her as she faced a terminal diagnosis. In 2010, Gina was diagnosed with lung cancer. At that time, the doctors gave her approximately one year to live. Gina’s response was, “I will live as long as God wants me to live.” God must have had big plans for Gina, because she spent the next three years bringing hope and inspiration to everyone she met.

When Gina and her husband, Ricky, crossed paths with Sherry’s Run in July of 2013, her cancer had already spread into her lymph nodes and then into her brain. At the time, Gina was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, but she was a fighter. Gina was no longer able to work, so when they learned that Sherry’s Run would be able to assist with necessary expenses like utility bills and provide grocery and gas cards, the Hunts were beyond grateful. When asked how he felt about the assistance from Sherry’s Run he said, “we always knew that someone cared about us. There are no words to describe how much that means.”

In September, 2013, Ricky and Gina were able to participate in the 10th annual Sherry’s Run event. On the way home, Gina told Ricky that she wanted to come back the following year. Unfortunately, she would never be able to realize that goal. Gina passed away in December, 2013, surrounded by her loving family. Throughout her battle with cancer, Ricky said that she never complained about pain. “She always handled her disease with grace and poise,” said Ricky.

When asked what Gina was like, Ricky talks about how full of life she was. He tells of a time when they were driving down the road and her favorite song came on. At the time, she weighed only about 100 lbs. and had lost all of her hair, but that didn’t stop her from pulling the car over so that she could get out and dance on the side of the road. God gave Gina more time than she could have imagined and she made the most of it. Sherry’s Run seeks to help families like this one make the most of their time together by helping them meet basic needs and connecting them with resources like counseling, support groups and other community based programs.

“Ricky and Gina were so grateful for the help provided by Sherry’s Run. It is such a blessing to serve families like Gina and Ricky everyday. We pray that we can make their fight a little bit easier,” said Tonyia Watson, Board Member for Sherry’s Run. Find out how you can help Sherry’s Run continue to empower people like Gina and Ricky 52 weeks a year.

Corrie Cluck

Faith, courage, optimism and a desire to help others were qualities that defined Sharon “Sherry” Patterson Whitaker. Both before and after the energetic wife and mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, the impression she made on her family, friends and community was undeniable. While her battle in the flesh was lost in 2004, the spirit she had shown throughout life continues to touch more lives every day. Because of Sherry’s Run, a 5K run/walk benefit organized in Sherry’s memory, area cancer victims and their families can make strides toward becoming cancer survivors, and researchers are a small step closer to stopping the disease for good.