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Determined on and off the Court…a 13-Year-Old’s Cancer Journey

20th Annual Sherry’s Run 5K Run/Walk in Honor of Jayden Bailey

When meeting 13-year-old Jayden Bailey, one might notice his tall stature, his manners, or his maturity, but most may never realize the journey he has experienced at such a young age. Jayden is very active in playing basketball much like his mom who played for Cumberland University in her college years. So, when Jayden began experiencing shoulder pain, it was assumed that he had sustained some sort of sports injury. However, after being x-rayed by an orthopedic doctor, a tumor was discovered and Jayden was diagnosed with a cancer called sarcoma. Jayden was immediately scheduled for 29 weeks of chemotherapy and spent many weeks in the hospital.

Although the process was not easy, Jayden said that “Getting back to playing basketball and knowing that everyone was there for me,” was what kept him pushing on. The support from the community is something that Jayden and London both cherish in looking back on the early days of Jayden’s cancer journey. His mother described the fear and anxiety that she experienced at the beginning of Jayden’s diagnosis being lifted away as she prayed and began doing Bible studies while in the hospital, “I finally started feeling relief.” During week 28 of his treatments, Jayden had his first blood transfusion. While this was discouraging and scary at first, London explained that she felt it was a sign from God- as many patients have multiple blood transfusions during their treatments, but Jayden had not. London said that as she walked into Jayden’s hospital room he said, “I can feel the prayers working.” They knew then that they couldn’t stop, “It’s the only thing that has gotten us through,” they said. As London was no longer able to work during this time, financial burdens weighed in alongside the cancer diagnosis. Sherry’s Hope was able to assist in bearing these burdens, “It was truly a blessing to have that extra financial support,” London expressed gratefully. Director of Sherry’s Hope Patient Assistance, Alisa Eakes, states, “It has been such a privilege to witness the attitudes of both Jayden and London through this journey. Even in the roughest parts, they displayed such gratitude, kindness, and determination.”

Jayden is now back to playing basketball, even after extensive surgery on his shoulder and arm. His determination paid off as he now has almost full mobility in his arm only one month into physical therapy- which doctors were not sure would ever happen. When asked what he would like to say to give other cancer patients hope, he said, “Know that things will get better, don’t give up!” Jayden has a full summer of preparing for high school basketball and is excited for The Sherry’s Run 5K Event!

So many people in the community rallied together to let Jayden know that he was not fighting alone. Participants of Sherry’s Run are part of the community of people who are giving hope to cancer patients like Jayden. Registration fees for Sherry’s Run 5K Event go directly back to the community to support families financially affected by a current cancer diagnosis. Your registration fee could pay someone’s water bills, prescriptions, or medical copays. Sherry’s Hope would not be where it is today without the consistent support of our community and God’s blessings. The non-profit organization depends on sponsorship, registration fees, and donations from the 5K Event to be its largest fundraiser. This year on September 9th, we will gather for the 20th Annual Sherry’s Run 5K Run/Walk to benefit Sherry’s Hope which will be held in honor of Jayden Bailey.

Click here to register today. Come join us as we make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer right here in our community.

Sherry’s Hope is a Christian, non-profit organization that works throughout the year to provide hope to families battling cancer in Wilson County and surrounding communities by offering emotional encouragement and financial assistance. In addition, Sherry’s Hope works to spread colon health awareness by distributing free colon cancer screening tests and providing colonoscopy assistance.

To learn more about the Sherry’s Run 5K event, click here, call 615-925-2592, or email To learn more about Sherry’s Hope programs and services, visit, call 615-925-9932, or email To make a donation to Sherry’s Hope, click here or mail donations to Sherry’s Hope, P.O. Box 8, Lebanon, TN 37088-0008.