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Double Dose Of Hope

Double Dose Of Hope

For many people facing a cancer diagnosis, the future can seem hopeless. For Joseph Riley, however; there was hope in his family and in the support he received from Sherry’s Run. 


Sherry’s Run is a grassroots, faith-based organization located in Lebanon, Tennessee that assists cancer patients and their families with paying bills and putting food on the table, while they are fighting the greatest battle of their lives. Joseph knew about Sherry’s Run because his girlfriend, Melanie, had walked a similar path with cancer in 2014. 

Melanie didn’t want to ask for help, but Debbie Mason of Macon Bank and Trust, encouraged her to contact Sherry’s Run where she found so much more than financial assistance. “It was so comforting to talk to someone who understood what I was going through,” says Melanie. “Tonyia was always willing to take time to share her own story with me and it gave me the courage to walk through it.” Tonyia Watson, Director of Patient Assistance for Sherry’s Run, has walked through her own cancer diagnosis and treatment and often spends hours just listening to patients and helping them understand what to expect.   

Fast forward a year and Joseph becomes very sick. In September of 2015, he finally gave in to Melanie’s pleading and let her drive him to the ER at St. Thomas where he was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkins Lymphoma. Joseph immediately began taking chemo treatments. This time, the family’s greatest need was for gas cards to get Joseph to and from treatments. “If it hadn’t been for Sherry’s Run, we would have missed many appointments,” says Riley. 

Sherry’s Run was also able to assist the family the cost of prescriptions and rent payments to keep a roof over their heads. Both Joseph and Melanie are in remission now and so thankful. Melanie’s ten year-old son, Jon, is thankful, also. The couple says he has been their best “caretaker” and if it weren’t for him, they would have given up. 


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